CBD & Delta 8 Sample Pack

Sale price$90.00


Try the most beloved products from the Wholesale Hemp Suppliers catalog! 

Brands/Products Featured:

Rick's Hemp Oil

  • 1800MG CBD Pain Cream ($104.99 Retail Value)
  • 1800MG Mango CBD Tincture ($79.99 Retail Value)

Raw Gummies

  • 1000MG CBD Gummy Bears ($59.99 Retail Value)
  • 500MG Vegan CBD Orange Slices ($49.99 Retail Value)

Delta 8 Dabs

  • 1000MG Delta 8 Gummy Bears ($59.99 Retail Value)
  • 1800MG Blueberry Delta 8 Tincture ($69.99 Retail Value)

Pretty Much Pot

  • 1000MG Complete Spectrum Bears ($79.99 Retail Value)

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